What are your winter pick-me-ups?

Winter Blahs Pick-Me-UpsDo you notice a down turn in your mood during the cold, dark winter months?  You aren’t alone.

When it comes to the winter blahs, having a toolbox of pick-me-ups in your back pocket can be especially useful.

Not because you need to create a complex web of practices and protocols to successfully navigate the winter months depression free.  In fact, this would likely lead to overwhelm and make things worse.

Having a toolbox of potential remedies and soothing balms gives you more confidence in your ability to weather the cold.  Here are a few easy-to-implement ideas to transform the mundane, blah and downright dismal.

And who doesn’t want that?

My advice is to start small. 

For example, the taste of peppermint is comforting to me, so I carry breath mints in my purse and drink mint tea often.

I know from experience that when I start to feel overwhelmed or full, journaling can work wonders.  It’s like a pressure valve returning me to my natural balance.  I’ve also come to realize the tremendously uplifting and energizing effect of exercise, especially when done consistently throughout the week.

When I see the sun has peeked beneath the clouds on one of our recent cold winter days, I take that moment to check the mail and pause briefly in the sun’s rays, feeling them wash over me amidst the cold crisp air around me.  It feels truly marvelous.  It really is the little things.

Pay attention to the little things.

On a frustrating and entirely stressful day, making a point to notice the tiniest of joys or bits of humor can be a life saver.

While standing in the frigid air, pumping gas, which I detest, it lightens me to think about my fur lined boots snuggling my calves and feet.  So cozy and comfy.  By shifting my focus from the cold and the gas fumes to the soft, warm sensation of my feet in my boots, I transform this experience to one of simple joy.

Be thankful.

This winter has been especially difficult because my father passed away.  The layers of grief intertwine with seasonal depression in a way I haven’t previously experienced.  But what really helps me in these moments of anguish, is to think of a memory with my father that I enjoyed, and allow myself to feel incredibly grateful for having experienced that with him.

I can be thankful for my memories with my father.  I can be thankful for the lessons he taught me and the wisdom he passed along.  I can be grateful for the opportunity to spend more time with the rest of my family.

And, I can be thankful that I am feeling the way I do, right now in this moment.  That I am alive and experiencing the realm of human emotions.

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