50 Sweet Summertime Activities to Do With the Kids

50 Summer Activities to do with the kidsJust in time for summer break, here are 50 kids summer activities to the rescue in a cute and fun free printable.

Here is the link to access the free full size free printable of 50 sweet summertime activities to do with the kids.  My gift to you.

This is my effort to keep the kids from getting “bored” this summer, mine and yours!  My focus is on family time in memorable moments without spending a lot of cash.

So I brainstormed a list of fun and simple ideas that don’t cost a lot and the kids will still enjoy.  I’m certain as you read through the ideas and additional resources included below, you’ll come up with even more great ideas to keep summer light, fun and interesting.

Digging into the activities, have you heard of making a fairy garden before?  I hadn’t until this spring.  They’re absolutely adorable and fun to make.  If you have boys who want to join in, why not make a superhero garden?

I totally thought it would be difficult and expensive to kayak with the kids, since we don’t own a kayak.  But it’s actually easy to rent a kayak for a few hours at a nearby lake.  You could also consider canoeing or stand up paddleboard (SUP).  There’s something for everyone to make a day at the lake fun.

Do you enjoy hunting down garage sale deals?  One activity we enjoy that didn’t make the list, is visiting the local thrift or second hand stores in search of treasures.  You never know what you’ll find.   I’ve found some unique house decor, dishes and even clothing at great prices of course.  Why not stop for a frozen yogurt on the way home?  Another afternoon of memories and time together.

Our local library hosts a summer reading program every summer with prizes for the kids.  It’s a great way to encourage reading over the summer to keep their skills up.  Barnes and Noble offers a summer reading program with a free book as the prize.  We create our own summer reading logs on poster board to hang on the wall.  The kids enjoy keeping track as their log fills up.

Another one of our favorites is visiting the local farms to pick cherries from the trees in July.  We also get farm fresh peaches for baking in August, and apples and pumpkins in the fall.  It makes for an inexpensive and delicious afternoon.

Here are some additional resources to make the most of the list:

1. Here are somDon't get bored this summere ideas for volunteering as a family.

2. This is a great resource for geocaching and this for learning about the constellations.

3. Check out these sites for some fun craft ideas including outdoor art and a recipe for play-dough.

4.  These are a couple of my favorite baked treats to make together, including blueberry lemon bundt cakevegan gluten-free no-bake cookies and homemade pop-cycles.

5. This is a great resource for doing yoga with kids.

There truly are so many things you can do during the summer for fun, relaxation and memories, no matter what your budget or appetite for adventure.  Give something new a try!




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