Are You Ready to Receive More Abundance?

receive more abundanceWhen we talk about receiving more abundance, what we’re really hinting at is having more of what we want in our life, whatever that is. The freedom and confidence to put our authentic selves forward, greater and deeper connection with our loved ones, or more expansive financial means to support your desired lifestyle and interests.

So the question then becomes, what does it take to make my dreams a reality?

Of course it’s important to focus on the abundance already around us to open ourselves to a new reality.  It’s equally crucial to feel abundant daily or as often as possible, even if it’s just for short amounts of time.  These steps provide the shift in perspective necessary to create new habits and awareness that support an abundant life.

You might be thinking, this is all well and good, but how are the steps we’ve talked about so far going to add up to the abundance I specifically want?  And while the results of these two steps can be simply amazing, I have to agree that you have the capacity to actively generate so much more.  

What’s missing is consistent aligned action.

Try using the Wild Happy Soul Goal Planning Workbook to get really clear about what it is you want to create in your life, and when you’d like to do it.  Break down the action steps into manageable morsels that are totally doable.  Feel your confidence rise as you make progress.

The one thing left standing in your way is you.  Don’t get me wrong.  I know you want this!  Maybe it’s because your dreams feel too out of reach or extravagant.  Or maybe each time you begin to make progress you find yourself completely stuck.  Next thing you know, it’s months later, and you are still in the same place you where.

And that my friend, is fear.

Fear notices you’re trying something new, pulls the brakes, or offers some negative head talk to keep you walking down the same path, with the same results. Is that what you really want?

You have but one life.  As Mary Oliver says in my favorite quote, Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?  

Do you want to conform to the status quo and settle for mediocrity or do you want more?  I truly believe that when conscious minded moms stand tall in our convictions, we will transform not only ourselves and our families, but our communities and the world.

I challenge you to tame fear and claim your regret-free soul rich life.


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