How to Grow Abundance

Growing your abundance is all about expansive energy.  Making space for it, being receptive to it, and channeling it.  In the article, Abundance Really is All Around You, I wrote about being receptive to expansive energy by noticing it as it already exists around you and focusing on it instead of lack.  Simply put, what you focus on expands.

Although there are many ways to grow your abundance, here I’ll focus on three ways to get you started.  These are the three ways that I have found to be incredibly effective.

Declutter to Shift Energy

Have you ever noticed the energy shift that follows a little clean up?  Decluttering simplifies your environment, moves stagnant energy and creates flow.  This is a win win for expansive energy and therefore abundance.  If you ever suffer from writer’s block, organize or declutter for 5-10 minutes and you’ll likely see your block has shifted.  That’s all it takes to let go of stifling emotions, mental blocks and stuck energy.  It sounds simple and that’s because it is.

Find Your Flow

Spend time in your zone to become more expansive and abundant.  Whether it’s a creative pursuit, sport, or mindful meditation, when you reach that point of flow, where you completely lose track of time, you are energetically attractive to all things abundant.  Bonus, that feeling of zen, happiness or peaceful flow is also great for your health and it feels amazing.

Connect to Your Wild

Your wild is such an inspirational and soul rich aspect of the human experience.  In case you haven’t heard me use this expression before, you can read more about it here.  These are the experiences that usually cause you to bump up against fear in their pursuit.  Your passion is intense, your body energized, and your soul on fire.

Your wild gives you purpose, fulfillment, passion, and pleasure with such intensity that once you experience it, you can no longer deny it.  It is the energy your soul craves.

Through these three activities you begin to rewire your being to not only be receptive to greater abundance but to literally create it.  You’ll begin to notice a greater confidence in going after the things that are important to you.  There will be synchronicities and opportunities that present themselves that you never could have planned.  Doors will open and all you’ll have to do is take action.

Take inspired action toward those things that feed your soul.

I’ve created the Wild Happy Soul Goal Planning Workbook to help you do just that.  When you sign up for your free workbook, you also receive a valuable mini-course to walk you through creating your soul rich life.

Get started living that regret-free soul rich life you crave.

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