How to Confidently Make Difficult Decisions

Wow, this can certainly be a challenge, can’t it?

Not only to decide, but to confidently stand firm and unwavering in your choice. And, to know without a doubt, that it is the right decision for you.

When it occurred to me that I was less than stellar at making and keeping my decisions, I discovered that the choices I most regretted were made with my head.

Crazy isn’t it?

Aren’t we supposed to make important decisions with our minds?

While it’s easy to look at the decisions someone else has to make logically, think about the other factors that arise when you consider your most recent conundrum…

For me, that would be deciding on summer childcare for my two daughters, age 10 and 6.  Logically, you might consider the cost, the hours of operation, the qualifications of the staff, and the activities the children would participate in.

But, given the option of taking the girls to a local day camp, or hiring my son’s girlfriend, a college student we have known and loved for three years, it became obvious, that even though it would cost a little bit more to hire Jessica, since I could help her afford college and feel safer about the girls in her care, that was the best choice for me.

Plus, I get to run downstairs every couple of hours for hugs.

Of course there are always lots of factors to consider in any decision, but giving full consideration to matters of your heart that evoke love and passion as well as matters of the soul that evoke purpose, fulfillment and contribution are equally important.

Also, please factor your body response into the mix.  You can literally feel your answer intuitively within your body.  The melding of the logical aspects, the heart, and the soul come together in a great inner knowing that radiates through your whole being.

Wow, what a better experience making difficult choices is then!

Other things to consider…

Past experiences.  I’m not suggesting you dwell on them.  But some simple reflection can provide great guidance.

What else?

A trusted advisor.  Get the thoughts of someone whose option you value greatly.  Factor this into the overall equation.

If the decision involves others, like say, your children, ask them what they think.  Again, sprinkle the feedback into your equation.

Pray.  Ask for some divine guidance from God, the universe or whatever your divinity of choice.

Above all, trust yourself.  You already know the answer.  It’s inside of you.  You just have to learn to listen and trust yourself.

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