A Little About Me…


I’m over feeling stressed, tired and depressed.

About a year ago I took my commitment to living a better life to a whole new level.

I had had enough.

I was done.

I wanted something more and in the core of my being, I knew it was possible.

I had been a student of self development for many years already as well as a coach.
I read hundreds of books, studied, researched, experimented, and learned from the experiences of other women as well as my own.

I explored the science and psychology, the beliefs, patterns and behaviors that accompany depression and lasting happiness.

I learned about stress, fatigue, overwhelm, fear, and self doubt.

I stood with my shadow and did the work.

And I began to heal.

I discovered wParkRoadPhotographyFrost-20[1]resizeho I was underneath the symptoms and layers of tension, stress and depression.

I loved myself for the first time in my life.

I discovered that…

Life can be absolutely wonderful when we honor ourselves AND we have so much more to give when we are whole, happy and expressed.

I found peace, joy, and amazing love waiting for me.

And I want you to experience this too.

Now I help conscious minded moms to reconnect with nature and herself, tame fear and stress, and create the life her soul craves for herself, her family and the earth.

Are you ready for real lasting change?

Could you use the support of a trusted guide who has been in your shoes?

Are you game?

Schedule a complimentary “Wild Soul” breakthrough session to talk about your goals and what’s been getting in your way.  You’ll get started on your wild soul journey, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit. To schedule, just click here.

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